5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen an Eccentric Experience

Do you not agree that our day begins and ends with the kitchen? We start our day with a sip of coffee and may end it with a glass of wine; it is all related to the kitchen. Hence, the kitchen is usually compared to the heart of any household and needs special attention and care while designing.

Desire and design take turns to complement each other when it comes to modern home decor. Known as the power center of the house, the kitchen plays a major role in building lifetime relationships. Interior designers now focus on and take the utmost care in the setup of the kitchen. Most of the modern houses prefer kitchens that are creative and are tailor-made according to ones need. One major requirement of these interior designs is stones used for flooring, countertops, and island counters. They play a major role by adding essence to your home and accentuate it to its highest potential. 

Here are 5 awesome tips to redefine your kitchen experience:

1. Decide on the kitchen layout by understanding the space

Begin with selecting a layout that best suits your kitchen space. This can be decided by knowing the surface area of your kitchen. Utilize the space by creating the perfect work kitchen triangle by keeping separate areas for prepping, cooking, and washing. Then work with your kitchen designer and select from the layout options- the G, U, L, single layout types to make sure that you are getting the basics right. 

2. The Fantastic Four- stones that matter

Your kitchen flooring, countertops, and backsplashes are the areas that you want to get it right by selecting the most compatible stone type and design. Surfaces by Pacific helps you choose the correct stone that adds value and charm to your kitchen by not only making eyes turn but also gather compliments. From a wide variety of natural stone to the beautiful engineered quartz, Surfaces by Pacific have them all!

Granite: Since traditional days, granite has always been the premier choice of designers as it guarantees both beauty as well as durability. It defines elegance and can easily elevate the kitchen design, making it look modern as well as tradition, suiting your preference. 

Our Viscon White or Silver Cloud granite exhibits an exotic look with its prominent black flowing stratum. Create a magnificent experience!

Marble: A premium design choice, marble is a metamorphic rock that is, naturally formed in the Earth’s crust. Even though it is popular, marble is porous, making it susceptible to staining if not sealed properly, as well as it can be a breeding ground for molds and bacteria.

The Mont Blanc mimics the visuals of the White Mountain from Italy. Its stunning combination of gray spots makes it the perfect backdrop for your kitchen. 

Quartz: If you are looking for an anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, resistant to chipping and scratching, durable, low maintenance, non-porous stone, then quartz is the right pick for you. It perfectly imitates any natural stone and fit in seamlessly with your design style. At Surfaces by Pacific, we exhibit a wide variety of premium quartz with different hues and patterns. 

Our gorgeous Blanca Storm is a marble-look Calacatta quartz that harmonizes with any color scheme or design style. Its smooth white background with gray veins creates a solid journey making it perfect for any kitchen.

Quartzite– A natural stone with high acid and stain resistance ability, quartzite is considered high-end and luxurious. 

With its light silver background tone and soft grey veins, Dakar Quartzite definitely is a game-changer in the kitchen section. Use it to create exquisite countertops and waterfall islands. 

Looking for more options, then do explore our entire range of beautiful natural stones and luxurious engineered quartz. 

3. Be Functional and Practical

While we understand that most of your thoughts would be on getting the decor right, it is equally important to be functional and practical. Choose the cabinets and their position wisely so that it is easy for you to access the tools and utensils. With the help of an interior designer, choose and decide on the place that you would like to place pans, accessories, shelves, and spice storage units. Concentrate and give attention to vertical expansion in the kitchen to accommodate more with proper breathing space. 

4. Room for Color, Light, and Space

Three things that accompany you in the kitchen are the stove, sink, and your mood. Relish your cooking experience by having a kitchen set up close to a lively atmosphere. A good source of light not only calms your nerves but also makes a kitchen more functional. If this is not possible in modern apartments, then make sure you are close to a window.

Have enough space in your kitchen so that you can accommodate more people without affecting your work. Given more space, you can also consider adding bar stools and other equipment. Make it a place for gatherings and let your kids enjoy their play and homework on the kitchen countertops.

Color adds to the feel-good emotion of your kitchen experience every time you step in there. A lighter color is always suggested as it makes the space look open and bright. The stones that you choose for flooring, backsplashes, and countertops add to the color and spacing perfectly. 

Toffee Lite

Do explore our exclusive kitchen stone collections here.

5. Keep it clutter-free 

With already so much going on with the colors and patterns while crafting the perfect kitchen, avoid messing it up with unnecessary clutter. So, plan for waste management so that you can hide them elegantly from the guests. The kitchen sink also needs little discipline by adding a beautiful dispenser for the soap and the washing liquid. 

That is all for the day! Stay home, stay safe, and keep reading our blogs to stay updated on our latest news and products. 

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  1. I’m looking for granite countertops to replace the ones I currently have in my kitchen. It’s incredible that you noted that designers have traditionally preferred granite since it provides both beauty and endurance. To assist me install the countertops in my kitchen, I’d need to consult with a specialist. Thank you for writing this piece.

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