Care & Maintenance

A few tips to keep your countertops looking and performing like new!

Quartz is an extremely low-maintenance surface that is not easily damaged. Following a few simple recommendations and guidelines for daily use will keep your countertop looking like new for many years to come.

A characteristic advantage of our quartz countertops is the negligible cleaning needed to keep them sterile and working at their most elevated potential. Although quartz countertops will resist permanent staining when exposed to liquids like wine, vinegar, tea, lemon juice, and soda, or fruits and vegetables, it’s important to wipe up spills immediately—before they have a chance to dry.

Quartz is an engineered stone product which can be used in virtually any indoor surface location. You can even install quartz on walls and floors. Quartz counters are made of 95% natural quartz granules and 5% resins and colorants. The natural properties of quartz crystals and the engineering process give quartz countertops many valuable benefits and characteristics.

It is highly resistant to scratches, bacteria and stains. Hence, it is perfectly safe for contact with food and very easy to maintain.