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Marble is the most popular natural stone used for construction. Due to its structure, marble can be polished and re polished to maintain and improve its shine and is thus a common and attractive stone for building applications. Whether laid on floors or cladded on walls, marble makes each surface more elegant and beautiful. Though it needs care once installed, the possibility of rework on marbles make it a good choice among the natural stones.

Fantasy Brown marble has an incredible flowing pattern of white, brown and grey colored veins which look ravishing and give a delightful finish to your dream place. This is why Fantasy Brown is one of the most loved natural stone colors for interiors. Use it for interior and exterior installations, even in temperatures that dip below zero.

This stone is especially good for Wall, floor applications, kitchencountertops, fountains, pools and wall building of modern structures, including churches, public offices and high-end homes.



Slab Thickness

2cm, 3cm, custom sizes


Polished, Leathered

Best Suited

Counter Tops, Interior Wall, Interior Floor, Fountains, Pools

Most preferred in

North America, Italy, Germany


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