Mont Blanc Crystal

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Porcelain surfaces are an amalgamation of fine clay with several mineral oxides, heated at an incredibly high temperature, making them very dense, non-porous, and highly uniform in construction. Get any high-end look with porcelain surfaces, and it will stand up to any wear and tear for as long as you let it. Low maintenance, Stain
resistant, Weather resistant, Wide range of styles and more, makes this multifunctional surface a popular choice among architects, interior designers, and homeowners.

A homage to White Quartzite, one of the most popular stone patterns currently in the market, it has an enrapturing neutral tone, combining a creamy white background with subtle veining in deep black, oxide, and ochre hues. As if they were snowflakes, the pieces in the Mont Blanc series are unique. This comes with a great variety of textures that create harmonious atmospheres of huge aesthetic value.

Use it for both outdoor and indoor applications like countertops, flooring, walls, furniture, bathroom vanities, shower surrounds, bathtub, and more.

Slab Size

320 x 160 cm

Slab Thickness

1.2 cm




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Mont Blanc Crystal

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