Creating Legacies in Stone

Surfaces by Pacific is your one stop outlet for all your stone needs, right from basics to exotic stones, we have them all. The key value that sets our offering apart from the regular is the legacy of family enterprise spirit. Our founder, Shweta Mundra, has been part of the stone industry for over 3 decades. With her experience and knowledge, she has given us the much needed edge in bringing finesse to all your stone requirements.

We work enjoying all accomplishments and facing all challenges together because that’s how we have learned to work as a family. Our most significant value proposition is our competitive prices and our efforts in providing perpetual customer service. Our business expertise has given us the edge to be able to source our stones at a cost restricted only to manufacturers and also get access to the best quality produced.

Our Story & Expertise

A second-generation stone industry entrepreneur, Shweta Mundhra is the founder and President of Surfaces by Pacific. Love for stones is rooted in her genes because of her father who has been in the stone industry for 4 decades and her brother who has been an exemplary stone entrepreneur for 2 decades. A voracious reader, passionate dancer and an expressive orator, Shweta is also an extremely successful jeweller. Taking her experience and vast knowledge forward, she has encouraged women entrepreneurship and has guided many women to follow their passion. She believes that, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”