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The soul of every home is its design that would resonate with the vision of a person to reality. A lot depends on the home designers and the architects to action it. It is not that straight forward as it looks as every space has its own requirements and appeal. The current trends demand that each space is bespoke so that the senses are perfectly tuned to the resident of that space. This would put the people in the right mood providing them the motive needed to be in that space.

Customization has come a long way and is perfectly matching people’s needs giving them the wholesome experience. The décor, colors, materials, textures, and the layout to judge gives the resident the ability to design different spaces in the house their way. The basic difference is between what we want and what we need. The trade-offs made here will determine the budget, the aesthetics, and the final feel of the spaces in the house.

Here are a few suggestions from Surfaces by Pacific to plan your living space and to put it to the best use.


The kitchen is a space of flavors and magic.Traditional homes would have detached kitchens, but increasingly modern homes have spaces allocated for various purposes. Kids eat breakfast and do their homework at the same table if it is large and convenient enough. 

Quartz surfaces are a unique amalgamation of technology and nature. Surfaces by Pacific provide exclusive collections of quartz which are NSF certified,making it suitable for food contact. Choose from a variety of quartz that are anti-bacterial, which will turn your cooking into everyday pleasures.

Calacatta Lugano

Our most popular Calacatta Lugano highlights subtle gray veins which is deep and smooth. With this choice, you will have a luxurious and extraordinary piece adding magic to your cooking space.


Modern homes cater to the needs of all and one in the family and the visitors. However, there is a need for a place to have a character and a countenance to it. A living room is also known as the ornate room of the house, which will have the fireplace, the wall moments, frescos, and painting This could be accomplished in one stone, one design and one cut, to keep the colors and themes consistent.

Surfaces by Pacific offers slabs made with the latest advancements in technology. These advances enhance durability while giving the place a luscious look. 

Fantasy Brown

The Fantasy Brown is a premium quality marble with gray touches that elevates the stone. It is similar to quartzite in terms of durability and hardness. A perfect choice to highlight your cozy sit out in the living space.


A good night’s sleep wakes a fresh human being. No matter how difficult the day had been and how tough it looked, as we relax in our beds, we relax in our cocoons. It is therefore vital that the bedroom is a space that exudes peace and serenity. The aesthetics of flooring, wall colors and the furnishings of the bedroom adds to the design, luxury, and comfort of your private space.

From natural stones to quartz Surfaces by Pacific provides you some of the best surfaces to choose from. Our wide variety of colors and naturally occurring stunning designs and patterns play a vital role in bringing a sense of comfort and strength.

Fantasy White

Now make your bedroom look luxurious with the Fantasy White flooring. The natural grains of this marble form a delightful and eye-pleasing pattern creating a vibrant ambiance to the space. This marble not only fits in with any design but also subtly stands out.


A good shower gives you a fresh feel and the confidence to start the day positively. Hence it is so important the bath furnishings resonate with the right vibration.

Make your bathroom a personal sanctuary of relaxation with the help of a variety of quartz and natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite, and more from Surfaces by Pacific. Create a gorgeous vanity top or use it as a backsplash, our non-porous stones will never let you down.

Colonial White

We have handpicked from the quarries of India, the Colonial White, a unique granite that forms a stunning pattern with sections of mica and burgundy spots accumulated across the white background. This gives a great visual appeal and enhances the beauty of its space. The non-porous feature of this stone makes a befitting choice for the bathroom giving a fresh look endlessly.


Increasingly in modern homes, the lights play an important role. The bedroom might be decorated with moody lights while the office room has the brightest lights. These colors add to the overall design giving you an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Other vital areas of modern homes include closet space and design. With more houses having closets not just for storing but also include dressing areas, the closet must have enough space and is well designed to dress up in your favorite outfits. 

Below are the 5 most important things to keep in mind while designing your dream home.

1. A great kitchen and its essentials 

2. The ambiance of the living room

3. Bedroom Basics – for a royal night’s sleep

4. Bath space which can elevate the cleansing experience

5. Closet and storage space allocations

Come experience the joy of selecting stone surfaces from a wide and exquisite collection of natural stones and engineered stones – marbles, granites, dolomite, quartzite, and engineered stone – quartz at Surfaces by Pacific.

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